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Hello, everyone! I am Ajmal Dewala. I wanted to tell you all a bit about myself and how I ended up writing casino reviews and guides on this site!

Ajmal Dewala

Name:Ajmal Dewala
Occupation:Chief Editor at onlinecasinoinpakistan.com
Star sign:Gemini
Hobbies:Cricket, Gaming
Motto:You make your own luck
Favorite casino:Spin Casino
Favorite games:Live Blackjack, Casino Hold’em
Writes about:Casino Games and Casino Reviews

Growing up in Pakistan, I had very little exposure to casinos and gambling. There are no land-based casinos in Pakistan at all. The society and culture as a whole are quite hostile to gambling. However, that is slowly changing with my generation. Like a lot of my other peers, the idea of casino gambling piqued my interest. So, one day, I decided to sign up for the first online casino I found in Pakistan.

It was simultaneously a terrible decision and an amazing decision. At first, I played a few casino games and learned just how fun gambling could be. I spent around $100 playing over a couple days. But when I went to withdraw my money from the wallet, I found myself face to face with a long string of issues that kept going on forever. After a while, I realized I had just been scammed out that money by the casino operator.

Of course, I didn’t let that stop me! I signed up for many other casinos, and although there were a few bad eggs I had a lot of fun playing online roulette and blackjack. Since there were no land-based casinos around, I found live casino online to be an amazing experience. Eventually, I started looking at casino reviews to make sure I only played at reliable casinos.

Right away I noticed a big problem with most casino reviews. Many of them were written by people who had not actually played at those casinos properly. They weren’t real players! Eventually, I got so frustrated I decided to start up my own website for casino reviews.

My goal was to help beginners and newcomers to the online casino scene learn about the best casinos they could. The main guiding principle of our reviews is that we play through each online casino thoroughly. We will only write a review after we have spent hours and hours checking out every single aspect of that online casino.

This way, you can actually trust our reviews! I hope you find this site and our reviews useful in your online casino journey!